““We are here! We are here! We are here!” The Who’s of Whoville shouted from their tiny floating speck, they were not taken seriously because of their size, but Dr. Seuss reminds us that “A person is a person no matter how small”.

Today we feel like shouting “We are Here!” and want the world to know that a farm is a farm no matter how small.

We are pleased to announce the North Circle Food Hub a collection of over a dozen small to medium farms. The North Circle Food Hub was created by the Women’s Environmental Institute to support small local farmers in North Branch, and surrounding areas, to increase their visibility and give them a new way to market their produce. North Circle is working with farmers using organic and sustainable farming practices. We want to offer our communities fresh, local produce at affordable prices and in a convenient way.We are happy to announce our first season of operation in 2016, and the launch of our website, designed by a talented local developer, and our online ordering service powered by Farmers Web. It is a way to order seasonal produce weekly. It is reminiscent of a CSA (community supported agriculture) but instead of being locked into whatever is in your weekly box, you the consumer, gets to pick exactly which produce you want, and how much.  Customers need only sign up online, place their orders at the start of each week, and pick their purchases up at the Friday North Branch Farmers Market (2:30pm to 6:30pm).

It’s that simple.