Our availability list is ready to view! This week we add garlic scapes, and a limited amount of purple carrots and fresh basil to our offerings. We have updated our directions on how to place an order with us to make it much easier!

There are just five easy steps:

1. Join as a buyer/customer at our ordering service website by clicking the link below:

Farmers wb Logo

2. Confirm your e-mail address. Farmers Web will send you an e-mail, click on the link to confirm.

3. Go to Farmers Web during our ordering window (Monday 8:00 am to Wednesday 3:00 pm) to see what’s available from the North Cirlce Food Hub, just look for our logo!


4. Shop for local produce from local farmers. (Don’t forget to check out!)

5. Pick Up your produce at the Friday Farmers Market Fest in North Branch (in front of County Market) From 2:30 – 6:30 pm